Military approved, industrial grade, composite concrete blast proof modular buildings and panels.
Around the world concrete construction is the global standard for buildings. Construction with studs and sheetrock is popular only in the United States. AZERAcrete is expanding the advantages of panelized concrete construction into the U.S. market. In addition, patented technologies by AZERA team members have created systems for providing blast protection with concrete panels that are less expensive and more flexible than common welded metal protection systems. more

AZERALOY MTA is a proven technology that is largely unknown in the United States. This unique “low heat” process molecularly bonds to any metal substrate.
Traditional methods for metal repair, such as welding, harm the existing metallurgy of the underlying metal substrate requiring additional time and expense for new heat treatment to repair the temper of the metal.
AZERALOY is establishing a repair center and product manufacturing plant for the Micro-Thermo Alloying technology in our Blytheville, Arkansas facility. more

AZERA Group Strategy

The world is congested with technologies and inventions, but few get meaningful traction in the marketplace. The AZERA Group synergistically integrates the critical elements of business development to capitalize on market growth opportunities. more